Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • v5.0.1_stable
    Paparazzi 5.0.1_stable
    Maintenance release
    - joystick hat support for input2ivy
      [#460] (https://github.com/paparazzi/paparazzi/pull/460)
    - high speed logger: fix mag channels
    - math: fix ecef_of_[ned|enu]_i
    - fix google maps version download parsing
    Rotorcraft/Fixedwing firmwares
    - rotorcraft: add MODE_STARTUP
      [#467] (https://github.com/paparazzi/paparazzi/pull/467)
    - ARDrone2: GPS satellite informaton
      [#474] (https://github.com/paparazzi/paparazzi/pull/474)
    - fixedwing: init state interface before sensors and ins
    - fixedwing: don't overwrite yaw command with trim
    - NPS: explicitly add pcre lib
    - NPS: make radio_control tpye datalink work
    - don't try to use ADC_CHANNEL_CURRENT in SITL
    Drivers and architecture specific
    - fixes for imu_drotek_10dof_v2
    - init spi_slave_hs for imu_chimu
    - mpu60x0_i2c: only copy ext data if i2c_bypass is false
    - aspirin_v2.2: unselect baro at startup
    - aspirin_2_spi: default AHRS_PROPAGATE_FREQUENCY is 512
    - STM32F4: fix ppm input timer frequency for TIM2
    - add i2c3 initialization
  • v5.1_devel
    tag for proper version reporting on development (master) branch
  • v4.2.2_stable
    maintenance release v4.2.2
    - DFU upload matches Lia board by default as well
    - partial compatibilty with Aspirin2.2
      [#369] (https://github.com/paparazzi/paparazzi/pull/369)
    - fix failsafe vertical setpoint in rotorcraft firmware
    - fix plotprofile building on Ubuntu 13.04
    - circle-count without rewinding when flying in opposite direction
      [#441] (https://github.com/paparazzi/paparazzi/pull/441)
    - add yaw trim
      [#444] (https://github.com/paparazzi/paparazzi/pull/444)
    - add XSens Mti-G 700 support
      [#443] (https://github.com/paparazzi/paparazzi/pull/443)
  • v5.0.0_stable
    v5.0.0_stable version release
    Some of the most important changes:
    - STM libs completely replaced by libopencm3
    - [gcc-arm-embedded] (https://launchpad.net/gcc-arm-embedded) is the new recommended toolchain
    - Use findlib (ocamlfind) for ocaml packages. Faster build.
      [#274] (https://github.com/paparazzi/paparazzi/pull/274)
    - Building/Running the groundsegment on an ARM (e.g. RaspberryPi).
    - Input2ivy uses SDL for joysticks (cross-platform, works on OSX as well now)
      [#220] (https://github.com/paparazzi/paparazzi/pull/220)
    - Option to change text papget color using a combobox
      [#194] (https://github.com/paparazzi/paparazzi/pull/194)
    - Redundant communications
      [#429] (https://github.com/paparazzi/paparazzi/pull/429)
    - Log also contains includes like procedures now, so replay if these missions is possible.
      [#227] (https://github.com/paparazzi/paparazzi/issues/227)
    - Paparazzi Center
        - New simulation launcher with dialog and detection of available ones.
          [#354] (https://github.com/paparazzi/paparazzi/pull/354)
        - Checkbox to print extra configuration information during build.
    - GCS:
        - Fix panning with mouse if there are no background tiles.
          [#9] (https://github.com/paparazzi/paparazzi/issues/9)
        - Higher zoom level for maps.
          [#277] (https://github.com/paparazzi/paparazzi/issues/277)
    Hardware support
    - initial support for STM32F4
        - Apogee autopilot
        - KroozSD autopilot
    - Parrot AR Drone 2 support: raw and sdk versions
    - MS5611 barometer on Aspirin2.2
    - CH Robotics UM6 IMU/AHRS
    - GPS/INS XSens Mti-G support
    - GPS Sirf support
    - GPS Skytraq now usable for fixedwings as well
      [#167] (https://github.com/paparazzi/paparazzi/issues/167)
    - Mikrokopter V2 BLDC
      [#377] (https://github.com/paparazzi/paparazzi/pull/377)
    - PX4Flow sensor
      [#379] (https://github.com/paparazzi/paparazzi/pull/379)
    - Dropped AVR support
    - State interface with automatic coordinate transformations
      [#237] (https://github.com/paparazzi/paparazzi/pull/237)
    - New AHRS filter: Multiplicative quaternion linearized Kalman Filter
    - New SPI driver with transaction queues.
        - Fix transactions with zero length input.
          [#348] (https://github.com/paparazzi/paparazzi/issues/348)
    - Peripherals: Cleanup and refactoring.
        - MPU60x0 peripheral supporting SPI and I2C with slave.
    - UDP datalink.
    - Magnetometer current offset calibration.
      [#346] (https://github.com/paparazzi/paparazzi/pull/346)
    - Gain scheduling module.
      [#335] (https://github.com/paparazzi/paparazzi/pull/335)
    Rotorcraft firmware specific
    - Quadshot transitioning vehicle support.
    - Care Free Mode
  • v4.2.1_stable
    maintenance release v4.2.1
    - fix elf PT_LOAD type in lpc21iap LPC USB download
    - fix electrical.current estimate in sim
    - fix LPC+xbee_api in rotorcraft
    - fix conversion of vsupply to decivolts if offset is used
    - more robust dfu flash script, only upload to Lisa/M
  • v4.2.0_stable
    release version v4.2.0_stable
  • v4.1.1_testing
    Second release candidate for next stable release v4.2.
    - Run AP and FBW on separate boards
    - Separate Board Files for yapa_v2.0
    - Add UART hardware flow control (for STM32 only)
    - Add ezosd current sensor module
    - Paparazzi Center: fix coloration by passing input buffer line by line, set language to english
    - Rate limiter bugfix
    - DC_SHOT message photo numbers shown in GCS
    - home mode height can be set different from security height
    - Ahrs float_dcm uses magnetic heading while not inflight for better initial guess
    - Outback Challenge "Safety" Rules 1 and 2
    - Added WMM2010 Geo model used in ahrs int_cmpl_quat for rotorcrafts
    - Fix missing gain definitions from airframe file in total energy control
    - Added stm32loader to sw/tools
    - Change vsupply to be a uint16 to enable reporting of voltages higher than 25.5V
    - Digital cam module: release camera button on init
    - Fix second order term in propagation of x-position in HFF
  • v4.9_devel
    Paparazzi v4.9 development milestone
    - #237 State interface merged
  • v4.1.0_testing
    Paparazzi 4.1.0_testing
    First release candidate for next stable release.
    - Total energy control
    - PPM input on UART1 RX for Lisa/M autopilots
    - Rate Limiter for Flaps, Gears and servo hatches
    - GPS acceleration compensation in ahrs_float_dcm
    - Improved gravity heuristic for int_cmpl_quat
    - Some updates on digital_cam and photogrammetry modules
    - Replace wget by OCaml Http_client from netclient lib to download files
  • v4.0.3_stable
    maintenance release v4.0.3_stable
  • v4.0.2_stable
    maintenance release v4.0.2_stable
  • v4.0.1_stable
    maintenance release fixing some bugs
  • v4.0_stable
    release Paparazzi 4.0 stable version
  • v4.1_unstable
    tagging as unstable to get a proper paparazzi_version
  • v3.9.2_testing
    release candidate 2
  • v3.9.1_testing
    release candidate 1
  • v3.9.0_testing
    Preparation for 4.0 release
  • old_master
    This tag just marks the old (somewhat) stable master before we switched to the new branching model.
    Now master is the development branch.
    Please refer to http://paparazzi.enac.fr/wiki/RepositoryStructure for the new branching model.
    This is the last version/commit that still has some negative control gains, etc...