Commit fbf19a8f authored by Gautier HATTENBERGER's avatar Gautier HATTENBERGER Committed by Fabien-B
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[fix] log plotter not crashing with ubuntu 20.4 in debug mode

For unknown reason, log plotter is crashing with ubuntu 20.04, but seems
to work when the ocaml tools are compiled with debug flag. This should
not slow down execution but produce bigger code.
A proper fix or replacement should still be found to this issue.

see #2621
parent d9d3498c
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......@@ -30,8 +30,8 @@ endif
OCAML = ocaml
OCAMLC = ocamlfind ocamlc -safe-string
OCAMLOPT = ocamlfind ocamlopt -safe-string
OCAMLC = ocamlfind ocamlc -safe-string -g
OCAMLOPT = ocamlfind ocamlopt -safe-string -g
OCAMLDEP = ocamlfind ocamldep
OCAMLMKLIB = ocamlmklib
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