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......@@ -338,11 +338,47 @@ Now create an other folder like ``worlds`` called ``launch``, and into this fold
Step 5 : Test it!
Step 5 : Test it on simulation!
Now on a terminal (don't forget to source), type::
ros2 launch pkg_follower
You can put shape in front of the rover to test, the rover should go to the nearest shape.
Step 6 : Test it for real
Power on your rover and open a new terminal, ping the ip adress of your raspberry pi::
If the ping work type that::
ssh pi@
The password is ``raspberry``, you are loged on the raspberry pi.
Open a new terminal ping your odroid::
If the odroid answer you can login::
ssh root@
Now, set the environment variable::
Open a new terminal without log on the rover and set again the environment variable::
export ROS_HOSTNAME=yourIp
.. note::
To see your ip you can type ifconfig
And start your launcher::
ros2 launch pkg_follower
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